The concept and beginning of theApproach was in mid-2004, and the company opened to the public in 2005. From 2005 to the end of 2008, theApproach offered training courses in social science. Courses included a lecture component teaching social science, and an "in-field" component where clients would go out into the real world to practice.

theApproach training filled a need - men wanted to learn advanced social and dating skills, and in 2004/2005, the only option involved learning a general "entertainment" style of dating that focused on learning how to be a good storyteller, do magic tricks, learn "routines" and "routine stacks", and things like that. theApproach was built to offer a superior training course, with more rigorous testing and scientific basis to the training.

theApproach offered a bi-weekly newsletter that numbered over 120,000 subscribers at its peak, and had a few social science related products and articles.

Training courses and day to day operations at theApproach began to wind down in December 2008. Currently, the site is under maintenance - over the next few months, some best of articles will be added to the site as it's transitioned away from training courses and into a knowledge base of the 5 years of science developed at theApproach.

Personal note from Sebastian: To everyone who has been a part of what we were working towards, thank you so much. Our clients have been great, the people who promoted our courses and featured articles have been great, and everyone who worked here has left their own permanent mark. Hell, even our competitors have been great. There'll be some resources on here in the future, and thanks to everyone who has been a part of building a better world with us. -S