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I'm about to tell you why theApproach is simply the BEST program on the market today to get the results you want from your romantic and social life. But first, let me tell you how our world-class dating coaches can improve your social life.

theApproach will teach you:

  • How to meet, attract, and date women in any real world situation.
    Attract women in the daytime in an upscale shopping district. Attract women at night in hot spot bars and nightclubs. Attract women who are surrounded by a group of guys. Experience complete choice of exactly who you would like to bring into your life.

  • How to create a lifestyle filled with gorgeous, beautiful women.
    Once you can attract women on the initial approach, develop powerful relationships that put you in total control, maintaining not only loyalty and trust, but also the excitement and attraction necessary for the long-term.

  • Become more successful in both personal and business relationships.
    theApproach live training programs not only teach you how to attract women, but also how to attract other positive people, prosperity and happiness. You will learn how to get more out of life in general and turn your dreams into a reality.

Learn from the social professionals - men who dedicate their dream lives to helping you build yours. They teach men to attract women real time in live scenarios. They bring YOU the client directly into real social interactions and break them down to fundamental concepts that can be learned and internalized.

Men from all over the world have made huge sacrifices just to see the real thing in action. They have spent several thousands of dollars on custom one on one programs, and they have flown halfway around the world to attend theApproach seminars and learn the our proprietary concepts and techniques.

theApproach is the only choice when you want real results. We have turned out more legitimate playboys over the past few years than anyone else. As you'll soon find out, our clients are exremely satisfied with the progress they make and the positive changes they have made in their lives.

Of course this could be your very first visit to the site and you may be unfamiliar with theApproach. If this is so, you'll find our credentials and background information below.

"Absolutely amazing program. I expected to just get better at approaching but since the program, I've slept with three women in the last month. You guys blew away my expectations."

Jerry L., Attorney

theApproach is about realizing YOUR potential with a mix of technical and personal growth.

Pickup lines, stories, routines? Sebastian and I have honed precise, specific techniques to attract any woman you choose.

But the game goes much deeper than that. Anyone can look up pick-up lines on the internet, but nothing will prompt an immediate crash and burn faster than being the fifth guy to say you want to give her the 'best friends test'.

I want to teach you the specific behavior patterns that will attract women. I want to empower you and enhance your natural personality with the correct attitudes that will attract women. I want to demonstrate proper execution of techniques so that they integrate into YOUR lifestyle such that women are drawn directly into your world.

theApproach is a world class seduction workshop and represents the source of cutting edge knowledge based on real world experience. We have published hundreds of articles related to flirting, pick-up and seduction.

If You Really Want to Attract Women
Learn from True Professionals

I make my full-time living teaching pick-up and seduction.

I don't work in an office from 9-5 and I'm not going to school. (Although I'd love to go back because if I knew back then what I know then, I'd stir up quite some trouble!) Any time I am not in the field working with theApproach clients, I am either designing new concepts, writing articles related to social dynamics or keeping my skills sharp in the real world. And I love every minute of it.

When I first hooked up with Sebastian, it was interesting to that he had such a non-traditional style. I had never seen anything like it before despite my years of meeting so many other guys that were amazing with women. The first day we hung out, I saw him approach women, and without even saying a single word to them, pick them up and spin them around! And they loved him for it!

He told me stories of what he called "Pick-up for survival". This basically means you're in a situation like this: If you do not find a woman to go home with, you are sleeping in the streets. You see, because of his lifestyle he would often find himself in a foreign city without enough money for a hotel, and he was forced to do "Pick-up for survival."

I knew when I met him that he was the real deal, and he has proven himself a damn good partner and instructor.

"I learned more in the first day of your program than I did in the full three days on [another seduction workshop]."

David L., Business Consultant, San Fransisco, CA

Let's Talk About Real World Success

  • Threesomes.
    We've had a client who, before meeting us was just an average college struggling to meet women on campus. A few months later he is now having regular threesomes with his girlfriend. The last girl they picked up said something to the effect of "I hope my boyfriend never finds out about this!"

  • One Night Stands.
    A recent client of ours slept with three women within two weeks of taking our seduction workshop. He was already a social guy with great attitudes and all he needed were a few easy techniques and now he pulls women every time he leaves the house!

  • Multiple Relationships.
    We have even had a client, before he met us, who described himself as "A nerd with no friends who played Starcraft six hours a day". He now has a rotation of four women who do his cooking, buy him gifts and even clean his house. (We hope he's not using all that extra free time to play more Starcraft!)

We turn out the highest percentage of clients who get tangible results in the real world. Period.

No other seduction workshop can make this claim. In fact, we invite you to give those other guys a shot. Go ahead. After you're all finished with them, and still not satisfied with your romantic and social life, come see us.

Before you make a decision, take your time to educate yourself about seduction workshops and what they really have to offer. How consistently can their clients really attract women? Is their system suited to your lifestyle? Do they handle behavior patterns and attitudes or do they just give you a handful of lines and routines? And most importantly, do they offer support after the workshop is over?

Don't just take my word for it. Below is a link to our reviews and testimonials page. On that page are testimonials, full reviews and field reports from real clients of ours.

Field reports are actual "success stories" of our clients who wrote up detailed reports of interacting with women after the seduction workshop. Many of them are Post-Workshop Lay Reports (PWLR), which resulted in a client sleeping with a woman using the concepts learned in his recent theApproach program. Lay reports are marked with "LR:".

These first hand reports can be used to get a clearer idea of the style of game our clients learn to attract women and also the degree of success they had after the seduction workshop.

You can find our testimonials, reviews and
post-workshop field reports here:

*Click to Read Testimonials and Reviews*

Now It's Your Turn

A Beautiful Woman is Out There Waiting For You

Let me talk about how I can help YOU start to attract women the same way as in our reviews and field reports.

First, realize that most of these success stories represent exceptional results, and although I can teach you the all of the proprietary theApproach concepts and demonstrate proper execution in real life, it is still up to the client to pay attention and review what he has learned.

The most successful clients we've ever had all shared these three things in common:

  • They came in with an open mind and they were ready to learn
  • They appreciated constructive criticism and made changes accordingly
  • They went out and socialized after the workshop to keep their skills sharp

If you're up for the challenge, ready to finally make some amazing changes in your life, and start to attract women with great success, then you've come to the right place.

Below is a link to our Personal Evaluation which is a sophisticated program I designed (along with the help of an amazing programmer I know) to assess your current skill level, general behavior patterns and capacity for success.

So, fill out the Personal Evaluation, sign up for our free Natural Game eCourse newsletter, and if you have any questions, send them to .

Start by taking the Personal Evaluation and learn what type of success is in store for you.

  • Find out what learning style best suits you.
  • Get some quick tips for your particular situation.
  • Subscribe to our Free Newsletter filled with tips, techniques and dating advice.
  • Start receiving our Free online 7 Day Ecourse.
  • Get a Free product recommendation, and have a chance to learn more about our programs.

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"I've always been a pretty social guy. I have a lot of friends and I'm always the center of attention with my co-workers and family. I was also a good flirt too, with the women around me. But nothing ever really developed into anything beyond that.

-Steve S., Hartford, CT

"Incredible three day program. I talked to more women in the past three days than I have in the last 10 years of my life. I really learned some great new techniques as well as adapt some very powerful attitudes for making this stuff work. Another really..."
-Jake L., Portland, OR

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