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theApproach Bootcamp: Boston, MA
Author: "searchlight"

I took theApproach two months ago, and it was AMAZING for me. I got experience it would've taken me years to get on my schedule, and I'm making lots of progress. I've been meaning to get this review out for a while now but I've been too busy between work and the new girlfriends I've picked up!


I'm 28 years old and have never really had problems getting relationships. I know there's some guys here who haven't had any success and I feel for them but it's not really me...

theApproach Personal Coaching: London
Author: "The Machievellian"

My first impression of Dimitri was one of healthy scepticisms, he wasn't a Casanova type like character... but a very down to earth guy who made me feel right at home; Best way to describe him would be cool, laid back, happy and comfortable in his own skin. We met at Starbucks, Leicester Square, and we spoke about my goals, attitude towards women, he described his own experiences and I my own. He outlined and showed me how to have powerful body language during interactions. I mean he had his feet up on the chair, talking loud and not really caring. He then diplomatically started to correctly mine and gave reasons why. It made perfect sense at the time and even now when I type this mini report the lessons have sunk in. So to recap...

theApproach Bootcamp: Boston
Author: "Vlad G."

Just finished an theApproach bootcamp. I have not taken any other seduction courses, so I might not have the baseline, but theApproach is fantastic and worth every penny of their fee.

Boston-based theApproach is local to me which certainly makes it more convenient, but I would have chosen them anyway based on the posts I read and on the fact that they are both masters of the day game (which is what I am after)...

theApproach Bootcamp: New York City
Author: "Brian K."

My thoughts are everywhere, I just wrote things down as they come so it's not the best organized, but it tells you a lot about it. I can't figure out how to put a lot of what I learned into words, it's like I learn through osmosis...

theApproach Bootcamp: Washington D.C.
Author: "A.K."

theApproach is different in the sense that they do an inside-out approach to the game whereas MM/RSD (I have also taken both of those too) take an outside-in approach. theApproach devotes a significant amount of time to inner game issues. It is based on the premise that if the right beliefs and right mindsets are in place, outer game will flow naturally from that...

theApproach Bootcamp: Boston
Author: "Dan R."

I'd been actively sarging for about nine months before the workshop. Mostly, I'd used routine-based indirect methods. These got me a few number closes and a date once in a while, but nothing beyond that. Mostly, I just ended up either entertaining girls or weirding them out. Of course, I kept telling myself that this was normal, that I needed to talk to 1000 groups of girls before I got good. Fact is, my improvement was extremely slow, and I probably never would have been able to attract a girl using routines and fake disinterest...

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"Sebastian is one of the best pick-up artists I've had the pleasure of meeting - his game is top-notch in all ways... He knows all about the learning process. Highly recommended...."
-Chad, Austin, TX

"Yoooo Vince!

Wasup big man! You won’t believe, I have on my todo list since the seminar to email you a testimonial... but the list is way too long! LOL

Well as far as results, the proof is in the pudding. Attached to this..."
-Raj, NYC

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