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Neil Strauss' 'The Game'

"Has Neil Strauss' 'The Game' forever changed the underground
seduction scene?"

eil Strauss' 'The Game'. Neil makes a journey of self-exploration in this autobiographical work, but in the process he singlehandedly documents the West-Coast Seduction Scene in profound detail. From threesomes and feats of incredible pick-up to lies and manipulation. Celebrities intertwined with men only one or two-years removed from their nerdyness. Character assassination. It's all in there.

Neil Strauss - The Man Who Would Be Style

I had the personal pleasure of watching Neil Strauss get groomed into a top-notch pick-up artist.

His chronicles were in the midst of happening as I myself became the first instructor to a teach naturalized style. Even then, when leaks about the status of Project Hollywood were happening into community outlets, leaks implying something very dark was happening, you could see Neil Strauss becoming Style more and more.

All throughout, Sebastian was a voice of gentle reason during the waves that had been created. When the original New York Times article came out, Sebastian was there quelling the fears of disciplines of seduction and students of how to date and socialize.

Sebastian Drake and Neil Strauss, posting under Dimitri and Style (Style was the nickname given to Neil Strauss by Mystery of Mystery Method), would engage in discussions and playful arguments from time-to-time. One time I fondly recall is when Sebastian had written up some notes on an extraordinary streak he had: He had slept with 10 women in nine weeks, and though he still claims he isn't proud of it, it is quite a feat. When Sebastian wrote up notes on it emphasizing wholistic techniques over routines, including on a top-notch model, Neil jumped in to "Style-MOG" Sebastian, saying that Sebastian was getting laid despite his game, not because of it.

Over time, though, Neil changed his opinions, following in Sebastian's footsteps into the world of a more natural seduction method. The word is he's getting married now, and though Neil Strauss and Sebastian are still in pleasant contact (Neil recently Style-MOGged Sebastian by misspelling his name in a mass-distributed piece, though it did say good things) it's all in good fun.

Everything Style Touched Turned to Gold
And Soon Neil Strauss Had the Dilemma of King Midas

At the end of The Game, the west coast seduction scene has turned it's back on its own.

The 'Jealous Girlfriend' opener and 'Best Friends Test' stop working in Los Angeles for Neil. His writings as Style had been so compelling that they were treated as gold. And soon, like King Midas, Strauss couldn't enjoy human pleasures because of his own success.

This shows the problems of a heavily technique-based method. If the technique is good enough, eventually it will not work. However, there was a school of seduction besides the Mystery Method-inspired West Coast. Quietly at first, in Europe and the Eastern Seaboard, Natural Game techniques were being developed. These techniques were completely transparent and unrecognizable. While at first shunned by the likes of Style, Tyler, and Mystery, the need for them has become greater as time passes.

Recently, Cosmo magazine did a piece that included many community lines. These are officially as useful now as "Hey girl, what's your sign?" Lumped into the category of cheesy pickup lines used by cheesy guys.

Neil Strauss' Impact on Seduction Training

Most shockingly for community insiders was a simple chart published in the front of The Game that detailed some of Mystery Method's most commonly used negs. Up until this point, many had seen the effects of how a woman seeing a technique for a second time or a third would blow out the would-be Pickup Artist.

Now, many staple pieces were in danger of that. And the woman could have even read The Game herself!

A good seductionist knows that everything must seem natural and spontaneous. It's always funny to see top-notch pickup artists put the finishing touches on stories and routines so they appear completely natural. Now, the need for developing of one's own, quality material is higher than ever. Though trends in seduction were beginning to favor Natural Game before The Game was released, they are now in higher demand than ever.

My Girlfriend Called Me Up and Asked About The Game

My telephone rang, and it was my girlfriend's number. I answered, and the first thing she says is, "Who are you in The Game?"

We talk for a short time about the book and the tactics in it. Though she was a bit resentful of neg theory and of the ways some of the people in the book treated each other, she understands what I'm doing with theApproach. The tactics we teach are based on Mutual Value Escalation which is always beneficial to men and women.

It does surprise me, however that so many people I know who have read 'The Game'. I seems as though at least one person out of every social circle has read it, or owns it. It's very strange for so many people I know (including women) to call me up, wanting to talk about Neil Strauss, Mystery Method, or even Neg theory.

I try to tell all the guys who worry about women catching on to popular techniques the ways around it, but the question keeps coming up. It seems that there are those who believe that certain Mystery Method routines and techniques have very recognizable characteristics. Can it really be true that Mystery Method routines are completely burned out from overuse? It may just simply be one of the perceived drawbacks of having such a prepared and scripted system, or perhaps there is some truth to it.

Women are attracted to behavior patterns. Regardless of if they catch on to what you are doing or not, those behavior patterns cause an unconscious and compelling attraction for you if it is ingrained into who you are.


With the growing number of pick-up artists in the world, more and more people are turning to theApproach Standard because it is so well known for it's ability to create extremely loyal relationships. Sebastian and I have devoted years of study to relationship management and loyalty, it brings a great feeling of security with so many new 'pick-up artists' running around talking to our girls.

The effects in The Game are completely visible. The West Coast techniques may net you one-night stands, but very few students of their school hold down loyal relationships on those techniques alone. Even masters of their system are unable to have loyal, devoted relationships without adapting to what generates and fosters loyalty in the real world.

When I tell a West Coast disciple that theApproach systems and models are fine-tuned to convey specific attractive traits while at the same time fostering loyalty, their interest is visibly piqued. When I say they're completely invisible and undetectable, that theApproach has been built from the ground up based on spontaneity, integrates naturally into your personality, and our programs will make you inherently more attractive to women, it's like deliverance. The low-key techniques sound like normal conversation and could never raise red flags in a woman's mind, and that translates into more success, less rejection, and more loyalty out of potential girlfriends down the road.

The Drama Unfolds

Strauss makes pretty bold claims in his book. From the absurdity of Ross Jeffries sniffing Carmen Electra's butt, to the fantastic of passionate threesomes, to the diabolical plotting of anti-social power mongers sitting in the bathroom of a Hollywood Hills mansion.

How much is true? From my personal experiences with Neil, let me tell you that everything is grounded in fact. Though he manipulates the timeline in the book for pacing, this is not a large sin in the world of writing. The story of Neil Strauss would be much more boring if it was told as happening over the four years that it did, as opposed to the relatively short time as portrayed in The Game.

Some characters are actually molds of different people. It was strange seeing some of my colleagues that I've studied and developed techniques with molded with another person to create a chracter. It's done so the reader doesn't get bogged down in wacky pseudonyms, but reads odd for someone with a hand in the community like I.

The one thing I will vouch for is the reality of the seduction scene. I've seen first hand and even done pickup with many of these fanciful characters. Though some are better than others, it is true that many were introverted, shy guys with just a dream and a willingness to chase it before becoming the playboys they are.

I can vouch for the skill and charisma of Mystery himself: Mystery Method is one of the better seduction workshops on the market, and Mystery and I cross-reference students looking for a solid foundation, advanced training, and a full skillset for themselves. Mystery is absolutely the master of attracting women from A-list venues for one night stands and short term relationships. Mystery Method is especially good on 'hired guns' and highly recommended hot shooter girls and bartenders.

"Mystery Method and theApproach are like Yin and Yang. Both awesome forces you can unleash on women. I love having Mystery Method to attract these super hot women - Now after taking The Approach I am building a harem of these women! (3 so far :)"

Dr. J.D.B. Raleigh, N.C.

At theApproach, we often have Mystery's students coming to learn how to cultivate loyalty and frameworks for strong multiple open relationships, awed by reports of the success of Sebastian's and my students. After Strauss' book, we also have some men who want to remain anonymous coming in to learn new techniques that haven't been mainstream-released and won't be recognized.

Seduction is now accessible to any man, and we're seeing students of every height, race, and social class get amazingly beautiful, loyal women. The Game has opened that door for men and a lot can be learned from it, especially from a historical point of view.

Vincent DiCarlo

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