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Lo-Tech Solutions For Smart People
Rating: Fundamental

"So many men try to go out and prove they're 'players' now, not nerds any more.

"They don't realize that by going out and socializing, nobody's wondering if they're a nerd. They're wondering if they're a player... or something better."

Many men who were unpopular during their school years don't want to be seen as nerds any more. They want to be "players". The problem is, players aren't what women want to be with. They want to be with legitimate, genuinely cool people - who aren't exerting every ounce of energy into being cool people.

A New Model of Attraction
Rating: Advanced

A definition of attraction - and a way to consistently to get attraction from any girl - is long overdue. Perhaps the two most missunderstood parts of the community are attraction and one of the pieces of it, value.

I'll set the record straight, and give you a gameplan for how to attract any woman in the world, as well as give specific examples of how attraction works. Since many people are familiar with it, I picked Neil Strauss' New York Times Bestseller The Game for my examples on how attraction works - I'll use a few excerpts from the book to explain how this all works.

As Seduction Goes Mainstream
Rating: Fundamental

As seduction is going mainstream, people are getting freaked out. Guys are afraid that the pickup lines and seduction techniques they learned that let them approach women, attract women, and develop real social skills won't work any more. Women will catch on to techniques. And all men will learn seduction, and so the competitive advantages we have will be gone.

The Compliance & Value Model
Rating: Intermediate

Value is of utmost importance in your interactions with women. It determines how willing a woman is to meet up with you, it determines a woman's level of physical attraction for you, and ultimately, value determines how far a woman will go just to be in your life. Naturally, I get many questions from people asking me how they can increase their value...

The Art of Flirting
Rating: Fundamental

Many times a student will ask me about picking up women at work, or some other place where it would be inappropriate for him to 'hit on' a woman. In situations where a man doesn't want to get a 'reputation', it is much better to take a more indirect route. In other words, through careful flirting, a man can get women to advance the relationship and pick him up instead. Specifically, we will use eye contact as a means of flirting, and false barriers to get women to make the first move.

Natural Game: The Transition to Natural Game
Rating: Fundamental

I've met my share of brothers from the community. After sarging with them and watching them in the field, I have seen the same exact things over and over. They all run nearly the exact type of game, and have the same problems. I am not criticizing other people's models, I am just providing a analysis of the EFFECT that these models are having on the bulk of the people I meet. I would estimate about 90% of random community guys I've met fall into this category. Again I emphasize that it is not an inherent flaw in the traditional ASF models, but more how people are interpreting these models, along with other factors related to societal conditioning.

This post will serve to help transition those people who are interested from a "nerd-like" entertainment frame to a smooth natural game approach which is inherently more seductive and effective particularly in endgame.

The Transition to Natural Game Part II
Rating: Advanced

Current trends in seduction favor a more genuine and natural framework driven by confidence and a strong assumption of attraction. It seems the highly canned routine-based game initially designed for ego preservation is giving way to a more integrated and free-flowing approach. This warrants an in-depth codification of the process of transitioning to a natural game that is both highly effective in-field and consistently teachable.

My recent work has been not only to identify those concepts which drive Natural Game, designing applicable mindsets and techniques, but to also develop a systematic method for students, no matter what their background, to make the transition to Natural Game. Despite my use of the term 'Natural Game' it is a mistake to assume that it's sufficient to 'just be cool', 'act normal' or 'be yourself'. Given the highly ambitious scope of becoming a full-blown Pick up Artist, a systematic approach is, in most cases, NECCESSARY to ensure optimum development of the correct behaviors and beliefs.

Solutions and Distractions
Rating: Intermediate

If there's one thing I'm able to do well, it's get loyalty in my relationships.

It was a hard-won battle, though... if any of y'all know my story, I got into the game when my girlfriend whom I loved dearly slept with one of my friends.

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"Before spending a weekend with Vincent, I had almost no success with women. I had only one girlfriend, and the relationship didn't last very long.

First, Vincent took me shopping. He got me to try a new style, and a new haircut. I was skeptical..."
-Gabe R., Greenfield, MA

"Dear Sebastian,

Let me say "Thank You"! In the six months since I took the bootcamp, I slept with nine women. I'm right now in a relationship with three of them and they all know I date other women too! You and Vincent made this possible, and..."
-Joe, Boston, MA

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