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theApproach knows that sometimes you just don't want to wait for a workshop to come to your city, but just can't fly out of town to get the personal coaching because of your busy schedule. That's why we offer an ever growing selection of instant access options to get your started!


theAttraction Handbook
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theAttraction Handbook is filled with the same concepts that the workshops are based on. It's a great way to familiarize yourself with theApproach's system before your workshop or even stay fresh on the material afterwards.

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Audio Program

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Like having the guys right there in your living room, the Audio Program will give your the feeling of interaction with the experts themselves! A great way for even the you guys who have been in the game for quite a while to polish a few of your skills to perfection!

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Free Seven-Day Training Course

Each day you will receive an email from us going over examples, hints, tricks, and some plain good advice to start your way towards the romantic life you want to have. So take advantage of this offer, as it may not be around long.

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Keep up to date with the latest concepts, advice and theApproach news by signing up for our email newsletter! Get emails from the founders and instructors of theApproach about ways to better your social skills and achieve your romantic goals.

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The Approach - News & Announcements
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The Approach - News & Announcements

"I was literally trusting these guys with my life, and I could not be happier. I came to the bootcamp with a completely open mind. It was great and I learned so much. If I did not do this I may or may not have gotten to the level of where I want to be,..."
-Brian K, NYC

"Dear Sebastian,

Let me say "Thank You"! In the six months since I took the bootcamp, I slept with nine women. I'm right now in a relationship with three of them and they all know I date other women too! You and Vincent made this possible, and..."
-Joe, Boston, MA

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